Photo by Michael Dam on Unsplash

I was so happy to learn option trading from Sun Yung. She is very thorough and good at helping me make money faster, over $10,000 in two months or less, much faster than what I can make at the bank or investment companies can.

Stocks and options trading always seemed like such a big scary step that I was very hesitant to try them out. Luckily Sun Yong is my mother and watching her success motivated me to learn how it all worked. She did a great job explaining different verbiage while teaching me her keys to success. I feel much more comfortable exploring, researching, and making trades based on what she’s taught me.

Taking the option trading classes has given us the opportunity to learn so much about the market and ways to get the most possible profit. It’s exciting knowing that we can use our knowledge to make extra money and it’s a tool we can use for the rest of our lives.

Sun Yong is very dedicated and knowledgeable! If you want to earn money during the week while you play, she’s the teacher to have. After 10 hours=10 days of her class, I’ve made $19,000 this week. My Berkshire Hathaway is up $8,000 and my Starbucks is up $7,000.

I am 18 years old, a senior in High School. My mom [Sun] has taught me option trading so I don’t have to work at minimum wage paying jobs, I was able to double my investment account in 3 weeks. I make enough money to pay my monthly bills, like phone and car insurance. I have enough money to buy my own car.

Sun is a fab coach & Mike is always a massive help too ������ They help you every step of the way – great coaching & fun times. Excited to be learning with you all ����

 “Sun Yong has the ability to cut through all the myriad of theories out there and shows you how to read the market in a different way, with spectacular results.  She makes it easy, so anyone can do it.”