About Mike and Sun Yong

Mike and Sun Yong are…

Financial investment advisors committed to the financial success for individuals as well as the small business owners

Mike and Sun Yong  grew up  in  different cultures,   backgrounds,   and  religions.   They both grew up in poor family settings.  When they got married, they lived pay check to pay check, both of them had great satisfying careers. They  talked  about having  a  different life  than  how they  grew  up. They have faced many obstacles and challenges since  they  met, and  also  in their  marriages. They both needed to be open-minded. They had to compromise and sacrifice. They looked for and took opportunities  and  chances on  things  they haven’t  heard  before. By  doing  so, they  managed  to retire  at  an early  age  than most  people  due to  their  life desires  and  dreams. They have  accomplished  so much  together  despite being  the  opposite of  each  other, such as owning properties, both recreational and rentals, and starting their own businesses. They   are  best   known   as  authors   of   upcoming  books, Opposite/Opposites and  Invest  in Yourself, motivational speakers, coaches on both life and option trading for better life. They are now living the dream by  traveling at  anytime  and anywhere,  and  buying things  they  need or  want  without worrying  about  not having enough money to pay their bills while still living a frugal life.